Jazz improvisation lesson 1 playing scales

http://www.MartinFabricius.eu How to practice scales in a way that will enable you to use them freely when improvising.

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  • Martin Fabricius

    Now with subtitles :0)

  • rjmdrum

    Highly valuable stuff. Thanks for Posting.

  • Brendan McGuigan

    marimba grip on vibes. interesting

  • Brandon Reyes

    I liked these videos a lot. Your speaking is much softer than your playing,
    though, making it a little hard to hear.

  • kfrancis1992

    Thanks very much. You’re wonderful

  • TheJCdrummer

    This would have been more relevant right after some comments from three
    years ago, but I’ll go ahead and mention it to anyone else who is intrigued
    by the grip used. The instrument is not what determines what grip you
    should use, the music is. The Stevens (or the similar Musser) grip,
    traditionally used on the marimba, is good for interval changes, but
    inferior in terms of power. The Burton grip gets out a lot of sound but
    can’t change intervals as easily. It’s about what the music calls for.

  • RubgyDrums

    @xilometal Both grips are interchangable. I’ve seen musser grip (“marimba
    grip”) on vibes, Burton grip (“vibes grip”) used on marimba, and some
    in-between or completely strange grips used for both. It’s like drummers
    using traditional grip in rock or matched in jazz. Not too common, but
    still very valid.

  • Daniel Zongrone

    Thanks for posting


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