“Carillon” by Gary Gibson

Gary Gibson plays his composition “Carillon” on the vibraphone.

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  • twotreesmusic

    Thanks. This is one of three pieces published together in the mid 1980’s
    (Wallflower, Snowbird, Carillon), and they are available through Steve
    Weiss, Mostly Marimba, etc. Glad you enjoyed this and thanks again for the
    kind words.

  • Johanvibes

    Beautiful composition,very nice performance !!

  • servio angurel


  • twotreesmusic

    1) Keep your left hand as low and flat as you can. 2) Practice the left
    hand by itself anywhere you are having accuracy problems. 3) Don’t ignore
    the pedaling…make sure you pedal as completely as the phrasing allows.
    Good luck, and post your performance if you can. -Gary Gibson

  • Kahlil Ello

    Hi Mr. Gibson. I’m the one that Asked for tips. You asked to post a
    performance so I did on this channel. Unfortunately it’s a horrible run,
    but I managed to turn that around on my actual State performance and I’m
    pretty sure your tips had something to do with that, so thank you.

  • twotreesmusic

    You are quite welcome. Good job on a tough piece.

  • Chase Hoeppner

    Anyone know what mallets those are?

  • twotreesmusic

    I can answer that. Believe it or not, these are 28-year-old (never
    re-wrapped) David Friendman Good Vibes mallets. Boy, they really built them
    back then. The rattan handles had surgical tubing applied to them by the
    person I bought them from (J.C. Combs) in order to stiffen them some.
    They’ve been my favorite mallets for four-mallet work for 28 years. They
    still sound great and have a real nice feel to them.


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